With Sagres

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On the right, you will pass the old town. After passing the old fortress of Lagos on the left side of the road, a car park is located on the left side. Park your car here. WhiteWave Foods is actively involved in the matter. There are several ways available within surrounded by high cliffs to get less Minutgen to the small beaches. After the flood has reinstated, the corridors are flooded ankle to knee. In stormy seas, you can be flooded passages totally. A. F. Chief of Staff has plenty of information regarding this issue. We advise you to, is approximately 30 minutes at these beaches to stop, because even the old town of Lagos is waiting for you. The old town of Lagos has two churches, an old fortress walls and many small white gekreidete streets.

The siesta, you know from Spain, is also celebrated in Portugal so that at the time of the afternoon unfortunately many small shops have closed. Life in the streets starts then only from about 16:30 until 17 h. 5 stage: Lagos to SAGRES. In Lagos is the Algarveautobahn to end. You should want to look at the eastern point of mainland Europe (“SAGRES”), then you must make do from Lagos with the road. The place Luz is located halfway between Lagos and SAGRES. This almost exclusively in the hands of British tourists this place has a beautiful Praia and a nice small town.

It will take this probably still long this beautiful place can shake off the sad image of the Maddieentfuhrung and back to normalcy. With Sagres, you reach the easternmost point of mainland Europe. The massive rock formations, the steep cliffs and the stiff breeze you will draw in its spell. The historical sailor school to find, where the famous Henry of the Navigator put the school and later taught is still on a rocky area. Admission is acceptable with 1.50 per person. On a rocky outcrop to the North this is good to see a lighthouse. In the lighthouse parking lot often traders and food stalls can be found. Our coverage of the Algarvetour ends in Sagres. The Combipix – travel editor hopes that you liked this Toureschreibung and you helped you with possible holiday arrangements to better meet your holiday destination.