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Searching for Jobs Online

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So, how to find a job, using the World Wide Web? Enumerate all the main channels of job search via the Internet. 1. Sites at work. There are both general and specialized (sites with vacancies within a particular industry, sites with vacancies for young professionals, etc.). On some sites to coordinate the work of the employers in the public domain. However, in most sites of employment is no such possibility: you can only respond to the vacancy through hosted on this job-site of your resume (but not in the Word, and the filling pattern).

Employers may also themselves invite you for an interview, finding your resume on the site work through search by keyword. (It is very important to make your resume online job search, but this is a topic of a separate article). Some sites to publish the work "original" jobs, while others collect ad direct employers and recruitment agencies with a variety of other employment sites, simplifying your task of finding work. The lists of sites to work I have selected for you the most useful. Not necessarily use all of these job-site: to find a job in a big city, 2-3 leading sites for finding a job may be enough. 2. Sites of publications that publish the vacancy. Such publications can be as specialized (ie, intended to find work) and non-specialized (ie, when the edition has news and articles on various subjects, and the vacancies employers and recruitment agencies just published, along with other ads and advertising or collected in a separate section devoted to the work).