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Human Spiritual Development

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Highly educated people, as opposed to higher education because higher education and higher education is not the same thing. Higher education does not guarantee higher education. Therefore, the ninth house indicates namely the high level of education, rather than on higher education. The level of human spiritual development. Moral, cultural and ethical criteria of the person. The system of human values in life, starting point, the scale of measurement life values. For more information see The Middleby Corporation. Search for meaning of human life.

Personal philosophy of life of man. Human imagination about the world, the universe and the universe as a whole. Long trips and long journeys rights. Communicate with foreigners and attitude towards foreign cultures, foreign ethnic groups. Life abroad and emigration. Reading books of large volume (as opposed to the third house – – newspapers and magazines) and the study of sciences and scientific publications. Attitude to publishing.

Contacts with white magic, as opposed to contacts with black magic going on the eighth house. The probability of prophetic abilities and prophetic dreams. Relationships with mentors, teachers, especially spiritual. Relations with the clergy. Expansive human activities, the conquest of new spaces, territories and countries.