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Study: High Demand For Air Travel In Search Engines

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Despite increasing use is reflected not the brands offer of the travel sector reflected already every third book his vacation on the Internet, with increasing tendency for travel suppliers enormous potential, because the tourism sector is internationally one of the most important growth industries. 2006, spending in travel grew worldwide by 5 percent to 550 billion euros, with approximately 11% (EUR 60.5 billion) accounted for German travellers. A surge of travel spending by 2.5 percent to 62 billion euros is expected for 2007. Prior to the purchase or booking, over 90 percent of all customers with Internet access with the help of search engine providers, prices and products research although not all travelers book online. For tour operators, airports, and other service providers in the travel industry, it is important to achieving an optimal visibility in the search engines, i.e.

achieving a high ranking in the index and to keep. About the pure growth focuses on the LegitName, Europe’s leading company in the field of trademark protection in the Internet, in its recent study demand of air travel in search engines more accurately with the online search habits and the needs of the user: search users, what key words when they book a trip? On what keywords must the site of a party be optimized? The results of the study show that searches the keywords are dominated by travel and flight, often linking with cheap, cheap or last minute. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jack Fusco. Then follow the different destinations and brands. This can be explained easily: in a combined search of course almost always the term travel or cheap flight is associated with different destinations, the accumulation of various destinations is far less than that nonspecific finding travel and flight, which accounted for 50 percent of all searches on the Internet on the subject of air travel. About one-third of all surveyed research related to searches for special offers and cheap flights.

For Travel company is therefore particularly important to take into account these requests and their special keywords for their presence in search engines. However this is not realized yet in the online strategies of most providers. Brands in the travel industry have only a low rate of performance in search engines – the only exception is the TUI brands TUI and TUIfly. In the first quarter of 2007 thematic search engines, travel portals and portals for price comparisons in the research of air travel reached the highest hit rate: 58 of 100 queries appears on the pages of this provider. This highlights the urgent need for action by brands, carriers, to strengthen their placement options in the search engines travel providers and airports, to position himself against new competitors and to secure its own market share and expand. The technology is able to analyze search behavior, marketing can help to define the target groups-precision of terms. Both have the definition of the optimal term list for an optimization work together.


Email Advertising To The High-flying

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Email marketing is a growth engine of the direct marketing industry. This indicates that Nuremberg, elevated rate of increase in promotional E-mail messages in the first once again by the direct marketing research GfK quarter 2007. The advertising medium could rise compared to the same period last year to 17 percent. Distribution by sector the following image appears: just under 10 percent of E-Mails accounted for trade and shipping trade with non-food (consumer goods, textiles, construction market ranges). In this industry, there were 7 percent more emails as a year ago. The publishers and media companies, which however only slightly increased 2 per cent were in second place with just under 6 percent market share.

Roughly 5 per cent market share accounted for typical Internet service provider, as well as food. In the latter area, especially the discount store with your newsletter stand out. As in the non-food segment, mail in the food sector registered a siebenprozentige increase over the first quarter of the previous year. The Internet service provider, however, reduced their activities by 22 percent. To worry about the high proportion of spam mails is basic: the GfK according to there more such unwanted messages as in the first quarter of last year almost 70 percent.

And how did it look like 2007 telemarketing and the mailings collected instruments in the first quarter with the others by the GfK Direktmarketingfoschung? The advertising calls the lottery and winning gaming industry has a counter-cyclical growth by 15 percent. Even 19 percent for the offer of telecommunications (about mobile contract, new tariffs, Internet connection) is reported. The market share of this industry is also 19 percent. In concrete terms this means: more than half of all outbound activities is the call center currently on just two industries. All others have reduced their telemarketing when compared to the first quarter of 2006 or only minimally increased. Despite Internet and telephone celebrates also the printed mailing further successes. The strongest industry observed by the GfK is the publishers and media including the big media mailers. Shows growth rates for years and could even in the first quarter of 2007 an increase of 5 percent scroll.


Tiles Laying Tips To The Ground

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What you need to know by guideline and tile cutter on the tiles of the floor there are some things that you should be aware, from planning to implementation, so that he afterwards straight, accurate and bombproof is. Location map of the tiles before you get only the first tile, should you worry about, as you will make the tiles. Accurately measure the dimensions of room to fliesenden calibrated folding rule or tape measure and transfer them onto Milimeterpapier. Then you draw on paper plates, also just as possible. Sonny Perdue shines more light on the discussion. Think also of the joints! Preparation of the ground should be as level as possible the ground. Gen. David Goldfein has similar goals. It’s not, then the tiles threaten a break (if there are dents and bumps on the ground) or the furniture are wrong (if the floor is not waagerech). Also, the glue has less attack surface of course if the ground with small hills is covered, which of course loose the tiles.

Furthermore, it must be ensured that the floor in front of the tiles is absolutely is clean. Jack Fusco has plenty of information regarding this issue. Dirt, oil and grease that the adhesive is liable as it should prevent and can therefore also cause loose tiles, which afterwards only to trouble. Approach to the tiles pulling a guideline by the middle of the room, at a right angle to one of the walls. Catch, depending on how you have painted your plan either with a whole tile directly under a cord or with a joint directly under a cord. So, the overall picture is pretty evenly, because on both sides of the wall, the tiles in the same way stop (cut or completely, depending on how space, tiles and joints were used). Tile cutting, I recommend you to borrow to buy a professional tile cutter from the hardware store.

It goes without, but depending on the available tools and craftsmanship could in many (possibly expensive) tiles based or unsightly cut edges, allowing you only annoy at the end. If you start in the middle with the guideline and from there create the whole tiles, then you should at some point the point arrived at be, where all all tiles are placed and missing only the cut. Seriously, at this point, it makes sense to borrow the trimmer. Save when you make it so you have a lot of money compared to the normal behavior of the loan when you purchase the device to start and it then only two hours lying around, before you use it. This article was written on behalf of If you need more tips on creating tiles, then read, for example, our article on fixing ceramic wall tiles. Sebastian Gerard