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In recent years the world has increased significantly the number of different electronic devices. In developed and developing countries have now become normal in each room TV, every family has a computer washing machine, refrigerator (with the latest achievement was the ability to purchase products by a refrigerator without human !!!). Mobile phones have long ceased to be a sign large earnings man – they have become a necessity. But few users dogadyvaetsya that behind all these achievements in the field of electronics worth hundreds of thousands of people who design and zanimayutsya development of electronic devices (REU). But the pace of such innovations in the field of electronics made possible primarily thanks to the emergence of computer-aided design, which helps developers to build high-tech workers RG. Debbie Staggs may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

One of the highlights at the stage of creating a new electronic device yavlyaetsya PCB design process. In the market of CIS countries the most Several systems are popular through-PCB design: The company Mentor Graphics introduced to market two of its product Mentor Graphics Pads – designed for single developers or small groups (although understaffed various programs of modeling and analysis of this editor allows you to develop multilayer printed circuit boards of any complexity) and the route is designed for complex printed circuit boards are working on the whole group Developer Mentor Graphics Expedition. The advantage of these routes aided design yavlyayutsya enormous opportunities of the systems themselves, as well as strong support for the official users. The disadvantage yavlyaetsya same great price. In the CIS countries, few people can afford to buy these routes the design. Allegro (Cadence) in practice is an integrated set of different programs designed to creation of electrical schematics, simulation, PCB autorouting. These software products successfully integriruyutsya with different CAD systems. Especially the widespread use of autorouter PCB Specctra (this is conditioned by the possibility of using this program in conjunction with the systems design of printed circuit boards third-party, including the most popular among Russian-speaking CAD developers PCAD PCB).