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TOM FOXx – I Need An Angel

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“The new single by TOM FOXx – I need an Angel taken from the wings of a beat that became his trademark, TOM FOXx controls with his new single I need an Angel” (release date: 01.06.2011) again the upper courses of dance and DJ charts on. A catchy melody that goes in a time-honored disco FOXx manner directly into the legs, combined with a refrain, which seems to be magical in the head which is the pure stuff from the dance floors hits are made. It is already enormous, what made the likable Jack of all trades in the last few years on the legs: in 2005, he took the world record in the DJ Marathon with 77 hours non-stop music, since then seems to break no more TOM FOXx. As a singer, entertainer or musician, he with his own titles and his sexy Chearleadern or with his successful WENDLER show on the road is constantly” at the same time, he also successfully managed its own event agency and writes his songs himself. It is not something Maxway Cycles would like to discuss. 2007 focuses on the marathon man of the hustle”intensive with the songs of him very “estimated MICHAEL WENDLER and staged a very own, brilliant show as a tribute to the WENDLER”, staged with a professional dancer and a fire artist. “The song written by TOM Friday night ‘ 10, shoots in the past year on various hit platforms, and Internet radio stations in the top keeps such as 8 (eight) weeks in the top ten in the charts of hit mix. Now conquered the hearts of the toughest disco and pop scene of Europe Mr.

FOXx. The stage of the Balearic Island of Majorca are considered this genre the trial by fire for entertainers, here only absolute professionals are accepted by the fans and TOM’s impressive debut on the island of the Sun was fully celebrated by the party-Malle enthusiasts. I need an Angel”also emerged on the stage to Tom’s new single Hymnus character gives the a new insider’s tip among the dance songs, the spontaneous audience chorus of the refrain. I am pleased totally the resonance of the audience,”says TOM FOXx, I also had the pleasure of Christin stark and many others “To meet colleagues such as Markus Krampe and Martin Scholz and the opportunity to introduce myself for the first time Michael Wendler personally.” A real eye-catcher”is also the cover of the single, recorded by the renowned photographer Rod Meier who has worked among others for artists such as Bryan Adams, Nik P, Jurgen Drews as well as many established magazines in Europe. The Angel”on the cover is Cora Marana people, Miss Baden-Wurtemberg 2005 and a successful model, which may include alpha Romea or Annabelle to her references. The current single is there for download in all popular music portals.