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ESWE supply supports Naturefund forest fund of Naturefund forest fund is supported by various companies. The ESWE Versorgungs AG won a 10 partner from the forest fund. The ESWE supply AG is for over 75 years the energy company in Wiesbaden. In the course of climate change the ESWE offers certified natural electricity from hydropower and emphasizes power purchasing renewable energy and low CO2 emissions. In addition, has promoted several photovoltaic installations in Wiesbaden building and planning an environmentally friendly biomass cogeneration.

With the support of Naturefund forest fund companies in environmental protection goes a step further. Ralf Schodlok, CEO of the ESWE Versorgungs AG, said: “working with nature Fund stands for successful forest protection and reforestation projects. Just the newly initiated forest fund, the Wiesbaden-based conservation organization, is a promising concept, we supply would assist by ESWE. Only through the active protection of forests, we can in the long term to realize a better CO2 balance for our Earth.” The Naturefund forest fund will finance the construction of small, local, and often very effective protection and reforestation projects and long-term support. First reforestation projects already implemented in Honduras, Kenya and Madagascar. More in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Malaysia and Uganda are in preparation. Naturefund always closely cooperates with local organizations, which are responsible for the success of the project locally. The Wiesbaden conservation organization accompanied, monitors and supports the local partners in the implementation of the protection project.

In addition to the concrete afforestation of Naturefund forest fund wants to build also a worldwide network of companies, sponsors and NGOs that regularly interact on the subject of environmental and climate protection, think together and make new. Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund says, “we are constantly amazed at the forest fund, which creates dynamic and also creativity, if we have different heads from quite different” Areas bring together and ask for solutions to a very specific topic: “how we can get together the diversity of this earth? How can we implement in concrete terms?” With a quiet but firm voice, adding: “I believe that such global, heterogeneous and highly creative networks, that have the aim to implement concrete projects in the here- and -now, can make an important contribution to meet the challenges of this time.” Learn more about the forest fund at: forest fund photo material to the press release you will find under: press news contact: Katja Wiese, Naturefund e.


Dieter Jarzombek

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Diverse retracing a lively Eros in the footsteps of lively Eros. The motto of ZEGG summer camps 2010 from July 22.Juli to 1st in Belzig in the high Flaming between Berlin and Leipzig is located. The camp for adults and children is a community event for people who want to combine personal development with wakeful participation in world affairs. Guest speakers, ZEGG employees, as well as the guests themselves make the program. Core themes of this year’s summer camps are love, Eros, and community. There are the fundamental life energy which is expressed in Eros, and a radical sympathy in the world. What are the inner requirements do I need to create a sensual and spiritual life so that I can make this world with full of energy? What are viable alternatives, that you can believe in and that effectively contribute to the healing of our planet?” The ZEGG community invites to think together and to build, which is the welfare of all living beings in the Center on a future. Community, love and sexuality, environmental responsibility, spirituality, political engagement these focal points of working in the ZEGG are also the topics of the summer camp.

She invites to community experience and mutual inspiration, to engagement and creativity, to pause, socialize and celebrate. As guest speaker of the Sufi and tantra teacher, therapist and community founder Dieter Jarzombek this year comes to us in the ZEGG. he will make the first weekend with and invite us in spiritual and energetic spaces inside. A quote from Dieter Jarzombek: Love is everywhere, in all included and available at any time. Love is our fundamental relationship with the universe.” The experience of community in the big tent (up to 300 people) and in the village groups (20 to 30 people) in the Center is available during the week.

The groups meet daily for exchanges and deepening, here the power of the community in a special way is experienced. Also people from the ZEGG shaping the mornings Lectures and experience spaces on the topics with which we are concerned in the community in the course of the year. In the evenings, there are dance, films and festivals, live music, small art & special events at the art cafe. A Kids camp offers a creative play space for children from 4 to 12 the ZEGG is a holistic, colourful and lively place for encounters, experiments, experiences, and of learning for me. I have long sought in whole Germany and found nothing similar. A related site: Marko Dimitrijevic mentions similar findings. “What is statement of a long-standing summer camp guest the ZEGG? The Center for experimental society is an international meeting place, it enables networking for dedicated individuals and communities. It is a joint project of 80 adults, adolescents and children. You liven up an area in the spa and town Belzig. The ZEGG is committed to combining political commitment and personal development, for new ways of living together, and for new forms of life in love and sexuality so that it Ideas and projects for a humane world arise. Information are available on the Internet at sommercamp or by telephone under 033 841 / 595 10. Registration required.