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North Atlantic

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At this time the weather turned bad, so undertaken after the disappearance of the German battleship intensive intelligence from the air did not produce results. For even more opinions, read materials from Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL. 'Bismarck' disappeared It seemed that the British fleet suffered a crushing defeat: the whole day the British could not find the 'Bismarck', which mysteriously disappeared in the North Atlantic. It was quite know where to find him and tell what course the ship-persecutors. But already on 26 May at 10:30 battleship discovered English amphibian 'Catalina' (for this crew nearly paid with their lives – the Germans have discovered the powerful anti-aircraft fire). But at the moment of discovery 'Bismarck' is 700 miles from Saint-Nazaire – 35 hours of travel. With the speed of the battleship at 28 knots to stop it was impossible, and already the morning of 27 May, he could walk under the cover of German naval aviation.

Torpedo attack from the air. The last battle 'Bismarck' The English now has only one opportunity to change something – to attack the 'Bismarck' torpedo bombers came to the rescue with Arc Royale '. May 26, at 14:50, 15 'Swordfish' launched from the deck aircraft carrier and an hour later with the help of radar found 'Bismarck'. Attacking a battleship, aircraft dropped 11 torpedoes, but none of them did not explode – summed proximity fuzes. At 17:00 torpedo aircraft returned to the carrier.

Until dark remained a matter of hours. Hence, to attack the 'Bismarck' from the air would soon become impossible. On the 'Royal Arch' hastily prepared to torpedo the re-flight.


Mirjana Stanisic

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File management, electronic signature, Web 2.0 and cloud computing in the public administration / DMS EXPO: framework programme for decision makers-Stuttgart, 4 August 2011. Document management systems and computer-based workflows accelerate the work processes in the management and improve efficiency. Comprehensive solutions for the post processing of the classic letter via E-Mail to the online form to open and facilitate contacts between the Office and citizens. Here, the topic of digital signature plays an increasingly important role. Also cloud computing is becoming more and more the focus of local administrations. The information needs for public facilities is great and is served from 20 to 22 September 2011 at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart in detail. DMS as paving the way for citizen-friendly municipalities is the use of document management systems (DMS) and electronic archives for local governments increasingly a must, want to take account of the thoughts of their service. This is accompanied by both the integration in administrative procedures as well as the Document storage in accordance with file plan.

Electronic forms and files trigger processes in management, which can be done efficiently with computer-aided processes (workflow). The electronic documents are and that each employee who requires access in case of need to provide. Comprehensive solutions ensure for the Inbox, that the Office for citizens on all communication channels can be reached via the classical postal mail, by fax, by E-Mail or via an online form. To be increasingly through electronic signature offers legal security for such digital processes. Finds this increasingly common usage, for example, when it comes to apply for the new ID card.

On the DMS EXPO, providers present their innovative developments. These include both field-proven Signaturpads, as well as solutions to which the signature with electronic documents will be linked. For public administrations, the deal with the Deal with introduction of a DMS, the lecture by Mirjana Stanisic-Petrovic of the Fraunhofer IAO is recommended.