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Sacred Holy Writs

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What he is ' ' tempo' '? Seno, a dimension justified for the conscience human being ' ' absurdo' ' , something that sails against the tide of the reason. The time is a conscience and God, a nonsense. It is not pra to be ' ' provado' ' that it exists, before must be proven in the existence as love. Dollar General addresses the importance of the matter here. While that one will be the way of the faith, the Theology will be always submissa to the logic, the time, the space and God always will be reduced to size of the considered doctrinal body, that however is more fool, and however, less fool (depending on the researcher), but that in the maximum it says some interesting thing and generally creates a system of proper sacrifices, a time that if &#039 affirms; ' moral' ' as a predicate or attribute of God and the human sacrifice as essential and pleasant to the salvation. ' ' There already he was ' ' as a friend says mine! The worse of everything this, is not the mapping of God, and yes, of the hell! I say this, because it has people that it knows so well devil, that got of it the permission to take a walk for the worse places that exist, as much is, they describe that them very well. To only think: Vocs finds that one to be (the man) that it does not know nor itself exactly can mapear the things of the high one, therefore, celestial? It is clearly that not! The Apstolo Pablo reflected very concerning itself exactly, but when he was about God it said: ' ' As the wealth of God are great! As its knowledge and its wisdom are deep! Who can explain its decisions? Who can understand its plans? As the Sacred Holy Writs say: Who can know the mind Mr.? Who is capable of giving advice to it? Who already gave to some thing the God to receive from it some payment? ' '. Billing degrees may find this interesting as well. Then, God does not need ' ' mapeamento' ' nor of ' ' Teologia' ' pra to be known (it can until using any mechanism), it even talks with ' ' loucos' ' uses a proper language. The good one exactly is not ' ' to esquentar cuca' ' to live today with everything what it is offered in them, with much vigor and passion, therefore the conscience shortened the time, therefore I have haste in living Tomorrow it will come and everything will be new, therefore the skies and the land will pass, but the Word of God, as promise, never will pass. We will live and know in fact, that It is you; not, however, as ' ' Teologia' ' the wisdom human being, but as its Goodness and Majesty, still unknown for us. Peace!