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The acquired knowledge must accumulated and be directed to warehouses of knowledge of libraries. The priority of the technologies of the information in the field of the recording of the knowledge is important not only in the amount, but also in the recovery, exit and security of the knowledge. The technology of the information is also indispensable in the application and interchange of the knowledge and other fields. It works like a source and an instrument for the innovation of the knowledge. Global Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Markets opinions are not widely known. Content of the management of the knowledge in libraries Like a new method of management, the management of the knowledge in the libraries leaves much to be desired in its theoretical system. In my opinion, this management must include the following points: Management of the newness of the East knowledge point talks about the management of the production, diffusion and transference of the knowledge as well as of the systems of networks maintained by compatible institutions and organizations. It includes three aspects, that is to say, management of the theoretical innovation of the knowledge, management of the technical innovation and management of the organizational innovation.

The management of the theoretical innovation supposes throughout the world to enrich and to extend the theoretical and practical fields of investigation of the biblioteconoma and the science of the information through pursuit of the last developments obtained by the biblioteconoma. The management of the technical innovation entails the management of the systems of networks done by institutions and organizations who talk about to total course of the technical innovations. In their evolution of conventional libraries to electronic libraries or digital libraries, the libraries must carry out advances and progresses to construct technical improvements that support the management of the knowledge. The management of the organizational innovation supposes to create a game of adaptable effective organizativas systems of management to the exigencies of the era of electronic library to support and to reinforce the activities of the management of the knowledge, being improved the functional departments and the operative procedures of the libraries. In these systems, first that are required it is that the people who carry out the task of the activities of the management of the knowledge make formulas for the plans of the management and coordinate all the activities related to the management of the knowledge. Secondly, the establishment of special groups of direction for the flow of the knowledge for the fulfillment of all the tasks related to the activities of the management of the knowledge is required. They must they establish committees of electronic resources, composed of several types of specialists, who on the one hand carry out the evaluation tasks, obtaining and creating electronic resources and coordinating the activities of the departments of businesses and of stimulating them in close collaboration in such fields in order to obtain and to organize the resources of electronic intelligence as well as, on the other hand, to provide services.