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Cloud computing is models Rebetky according to IT expert Andreas not new, and perhaps more as a continuation of the Gridgedankens ten years, namely the use of network resources, computing to see from the outlet or ASP. “The reality is different, though: the performance is limited by the complexity of the applications”, so the concerns of Rebetzky, Director global informaton at the technology specialists Bizerba. She have always suffered the weakest link in the chain. And that changes at the camp: morning the CPU, I/O behavior and then maybe the network performance. We should come back to the ground of reality and value-enhancing use the technologies available, rather than to compress the fog with slogans”, calls the Bizerba Manager.

The CIO Magazine wanted to know what are the healing promise of cloud computing. Each second is called followed by possible savings in hardware and administration as well as a better scalability and flexibility, Access to skills, which must not be developed within the company. (28 percent). Conversely, the study participants are not blind to the risks and problems with cloud computing. Here, too, there is a clear front-runner: safety (45 percent of the mentions). This is followed by the integration with existing systems, as well as the loss of control over the data (26 percent each).

In addition, concerns about the availability play a role (25 percent). The CIO magazine indicates that some fundamental issues are still unclear. For example, cloud computing is related to virtualization and the provider took care is still not, as virtual machines between physical servers with processors of from different vendors can be back and forth.