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Chancellor Angela Merkel Agency

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Apply today by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy in Berlin travels to Berlin to prepare the Brussels euro special summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint dinner French of President Nicolas Sarkozy. At such events, the presence of professional interpreters is required. The Government in Berlin has of course its own pool of simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreters for these and similar occasions. State guests often bring also their own interpreter or an own interpreter. However, there are cases where a language must be interpreted, stands for no in-house interpreters available so that external assistance must be used. Our translation agency has specialized in these and similar situations. The company, based in several German cities, is successfully over thirty years in the fields of translation and interpreting. Among other things Interpreters can be booked for the following occasions: consecutive interpreting at press conferences simultaneous interpretation for bilateral discussions on intergovernmental conference interpreters for international congresses and meetings negotiating interpreters for court hearings simultaneous interpretation for television interviews with politicians whispering interpretation for official receptions for such official occasions exclusively professional interpreters with many years of experience are at our translation agency.

Consecutive interpreting in particular represents a special challenge for our interpreters”, according to a spokesman of the company. Often politicians after completing their talks to the press and announce the results. Official site: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Partly takes a 10-15 minutes speech, which must be interpreted in the connection. For this purpose special note is a technique on the part of the interpreter and the interpreter needed”. A good physical are important for the exercise of this activity also Constitution, as well as an exceptionally good memory. In addition to his specialization on interpretation services, our translation agency takes over also the professional translation of technical texts from the various topics and in various language combinations: legal translation German English technical translations French German medical translations from Italian to the German folk and business translations German Polish our translation agency in the area of interpreting, as well as all translation projects an express service offered. In case of need, you can book interpreters for the same day. Translations can be done overnight or over the weekend. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents. Professional fast service