A Literary Vision

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The book – the story of a manipulation people in the crowd are a distinct species: where still weigh individual and reflects, he accepts too easily a prevailing opinion in the mass. Out of convenience? Fearing that otherwise does not belong? Or because what everyone wants, must automatically be right? Barbara Krauss, Martha Saalfeld Award winner from the South Palatinate Freisbach, a science fiction novel has made these just as banal as current issues. Format: eBook. Distant worlds, distant times. 323 years after earthly time exist the survivors of the nuclear catastrophe in two different worlds: the one on Atlantis, suppressed and absolutist ruled by Rufus Squidward pretty, the other on Pythagon, democratically run by the High Council, a freely-elected representative of the people. There emerges an old philosopher”on not in the liberal world of intellectuals, but all people on Atlantis.

Seen and spoken there still nobody has it, but his teachings seem just a single To have goal: the liberation of the population by their tyrant. With own messages, he wakes people up, she want new teach the thinking and feeling. A book should be the ally of this philosopher: If you can believe the rumours, a history book from the 21st century on Earth. Can the people from this story learn? Excerpt: The 25th anniversary in the year 323. “” “” Rufus Squidward pretty sat on the desk of his Office, high up in the pyramid at Atlantis, and had supported the head on the hands: I’m worried, Timmermann! “worries, Sir?” seems, as if we were a dangerous development to counteract. “My guide is but all completely still,”, said the Adviser. Our fine troops keep everything under control.”I mean no open conflict. Rather, it seethes beneath the surface.

How a tumor secretly by the flesh eating away and growing, is visible as bump until they. At the end of the whole body is underlying!”the population can my President does not complain! Never as good as today was the people. What our forefathers have started, is approaching completion. We will be right on target for the first time!”just, answered pretty ambiguous. Flat? I… don’t understand my leader.”we will be at your destination. The moment is come actually he’s already there where no non-stop employment is necessary to keep us alive. The work will stagnate on an average, a measure of time, the people more… more… “Thing, you know, cheap to will.” leisure, Guide? “activities, that is the word! Ban it, fast! “” Or no: ensure that the population not even learn! “so you can see a danger in this word?” Oh, what do I care about the word! Words are identified each other letters, nothing more, yada yada. No: In the circumstance, I see the danger that what means leisure. Free Time has leisure to give away, time to think. “And I don’t want people who think on my planet!” Pretty thundered with clenched fist on his desk. “Once and for all: I don’t want it!”… Learn more