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Such a perfect grave physical star or galaxy is called a black hole. Academician Zel'dovich figuratively called a black hole "gravitational grave." In the black hole space vanish not only stars in it may disappear the whole galaxy. In general, the black hole disappears completely space all material, energy, even! What happened to the huge amount of material lost star? Where does it go? Maybe it took a different the physical universe? But lost in the middle of a massive star in our universe, but not at the border. And there is no trace of her move to the edge of the universe. Some contend that Cedar shows great expertise in this. In addition, the velocity of a massive star to the boundary should be more speed of light, because the universe is constantly expanding at the speed of light. And these speeds are not possible stars. So maybe, the star left by the collapse of that ideal world, where, in accordance with anthropic principle, the idea of creation of the universe? But that world can not accept anything material. He could take the stellar matter how positive energy, but only in the form of a zero-sum with the same amount negative energy. In a question-answer forum Global Machine Translation Software Market was the first to reply.

Where can I get such a huge amount of negative energy? Only in a vacuum environment. But the enormous amount of positive and negative energy is concentrated in the zero volume is required to annihilate and disappear. And if we have the disappearance of the vast number of stellar mass (positive energy), it should disappear at the same time an equivalent amount of negative energy subtract from the vacuum environment. It turns out that a huge amount of stellar matter as a result of the collapse not just out of this world, it is completely gone, not turned into anything tangible.