Alternative Transactions

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The fastest and most efficient way to exchange his or someone else's living space is the so-called "alternative transaction" that is, sharing an apartment in the sale. Sonny Perdue has much experience in this field. The advantages of such a deal are obvious – for any objects you have available on the market. One limitation – the cost of your apartment. But the "sudden" crisis almost killed these deal – free money disappeared from circulation, loans have become prohibitively expensive – about some "alternative" sales can be said when the deal fell and ordinary at times. Which exit? Back in Soviet times, when a private ownership of the apartment, and even more so in the room no one thought existed so-called direct exchange, often played with a well-known films of the past. And this way at the moment offers a reasonable Barter alternative housing. Of course, that this method involves a number of difficulties associated with the implementation of a number of conditions: Finding apartments that would suit you and your opponents. Information gathering, checking and preparing documents on apartments.

If the exchange is unequal must agree on the amount of surcharges and how and at what time of its transfer. And most importantly it's time to be spent on all these movements and achieving results. That's right – it's a long time, uncomfortable and harmful to the nervous system – but it's an option. What do you do and where to start? First of all, as in the old days, you need to find a broker who will pick up a small percentage and will show the options will draw correctly documents and, in general, will oversee the process. Here we must once again clarify that the exchange apartments really do a complicated operation and amateur, taking into account the cost of housing and the consequences of dangerous. Find this person with good recommendations through friends – discuss with him your problem and if you agree, follow the instructions. As a rule, the whole operation, "Y" takes three to six months depending on complexity. This is certainly not quickly, but "known problem" is solved and we can think about the future.