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What is SugarCRM? SugarCRM – a commercial product in the management of customer relationships with open source. SugarCRM is distributed free of charge and a fee basis. Taking into account this fact, SugarCRM is a good solution for Small and medium-sized businesses, not willing to make the cost of purchasing expensive software. SugarCRM is especially designed for enterprises, Trade, custom-built manufacturing, Areas of providing services. That may SugarCRM? With built-in modules, user-friendly interface and the ability to easily nastravitsya, SugarCRM has successfully established itself in the conduct Client Information (Contacts), in consideration of stakeholders and any kind of calls to your sales professionals (Leads), in the planning and execution of marketing activities (business meetings, meetings, phone calls, e-mailing) (Campaigns), to analyze the opportunities and potential orders, the documentation process of working on a complaint (Bug Tracker), project management (Projects), and as a visualization tool (Dashlets).

What are the possibilities of customization? Language Support for SugarCRM is designed Russian language. When necessary, may use multiple languages simultaneously. Configuration access rights for users are set individually in accordance with group / role policy. (Team management and Role Management) In accordance with this it is possible to construct a hierarchy of user access rights to individual modules, customers, or other information. Here you can see the technology used by SugarCRM Extensions, add-ons The flexible data model, SugarCRM is practically unlimited as to the ability to expand and supplement to suit individual customer needs.