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Aromatherapy patches: Good mood can be glued on (leanpress) LUTZERATH. Dunkin’ Donuts contains valuable tech resources. The man is a being of sense of. Particular smells have assumed more influence on our physical well-being, as General. Currently, more and more practitioner and Wellness Institute discover aromatherapy as a holistic concept. Currently in the online shop of orwena is a very simple application.

Under the Internet address can immediately aromatherapy patch for many moods and complaints be ordered. Muscle or joint pain? Patch on it. Cold or just a feeling low? Patch on it. Rule complaints or problems falling asleep? Patch on it. What so just reads, is the result of about 5 million years of human evolution.

Until today, our sensory organs are the decisive elements to learn and feel ourselves and our environment. Here, the organ of smell our nose, together with the eyes, ears and touch plays a parent role. Odors are in the human brain with experiences and inherited instincts Interwoven and stimulated a corresponding hormone. And hormones, which are one, if not even the health factor of our body. On the basis of this realization, man uses since antiquity, for health and mental disorders, therapy with specially appropriate smells. Incense is a well-known example of this. Indians had even special smoking tents where medicine men dealt with various ailments. In the modern medicine, this knowledge but was forgotten and was verpohnt even as silly superstition. Today, this form of therapy is again experiencing a Renaissance and is generally becoming more and more recognized. In the online shop of orwena Naturopatch aroma patch can be found “, which can be simply glued depending on the mood on the skin.” Over many hours, even a day, this patch dampened with essential oils act as aroma dispensers.