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Another, conjoint retained work doctor has to be touched on desire of the works council in enterprises without works council on desire of the majority of the employees concerned. The weekly normal working time can be extended to 60 hours, the daily normal working time 5.1, except for 12 hours, if the collective agreement or the employment agreement of this authorizes. Normal working time at special relaxation possibilities of extension of the daily working time can be authorized 5 a para. 1, for up to 24 hours three times per week, if the collective, agreement or employment, agreements authorize this. The 72 hours a week. section of by invoice time period to be fixed 5 a para. 3, inside one by the collective agreement may the weekly normal working time for 60 hours, within single weeks 72 do not exceed. Overtime is up to 60 hours permitted section 7, para.

4, at a prolongation of the working time, by the work inspector, as per 5, para. 3, after para. One only until a day, working time, from 13 hours and a working week. Overtime may be authorized article 7, para. 4, only in a period from, 24 weeks until up to 60 hours the week. 7 para.

5 A day working time over 10 hours and a working week over 60 hours can only to leave the work inspector, however, when this is required in the public interest. Hour of overtime remuneration for overtime a surcharge of 50% or settlement in time compensation is due 10. The overtime basis has to be taken into account or paid out motto at the assessment of the compensation. Rest periods after completion of the day working time article 12, para. 1 + 2, has to be granted to the employees of uninterrupted Ruhr time of 11 hours. The collective agreement can grant a respite for this on at least 8 shorting. 12 the daily working time is 5 a more than 12 hours as per, uninterrupted rest period has divergently to be granted of at least 23 hours of para. 1 anti-lock, braking system 2 b there are only few possibilities of changing this law. A referendum is necessary. It no more one see this is valid why people must work always longer on for the pension to 67. The constant refusal to introduce a minimum wage always forces the persons to longer working times more. They refuse these longer working times, the employer could say a suspicion notice and they loose your job. Where the, solidarity principle stays. It is here clearly why the government would not like minimum wages work up to falling down for the, so that the employee is replaced when required by other! Long working times increase the risk of falling ill, illness does not offer protection against notice either. The employee representations should’nt apply and the trade unions by general strike here. In all contracts there are shorter working times, the retirement age is limited most for 65 years. This is called automatic notice and 2 years unemployment.