Body And Mind

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G. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Cultivates an pleasant voice, of good volume and controlled clarity but, hopefully clarifying the tones to avoid the monotony, for this makes some exercises simple: 1. It acquires the daily exercise or habit walked another, of minimum 30 minutes, taking care of the deep breathing to oxygenate the brain sufficiently, while it walks pronounces lummmmmm, limmmmmm, beginning in low tone and is raising to the tone at least 5 levels, soon it is given back until the initial tone. It does the same with the musical scale: do-re-my-fa-sun-the-if-do and devulvase, like in the previous case. He is constant and persistent and it will notice its progress in the voice, determining factor in the relations. H.

While it is making the exercise, is not thinking about no other thing (pending debts, diligences, conflicts, accusations, resentments, revenges, etc.), but in which it is happening in his organism: the anxious heart is pumping the oxygenated blood, full of nutrients and defenses, to the arteries, the arterioles and the hair glasses, take which it to all the cells of the hard and soft parts of their organism, at the same time other glasses are gathering toxins to take them to the purification centers, this cycle is being repeated constantly. As a result of these thoughts, than it is happening in his organism, it is obtaining a great health that improves daily. (You knew who the organism is able to produce everything what needs to cure itself to itself. He reads Bodies without Age, Minds without Time of Deepak Chopra). A cultivated voice becomes pleasant and is able to opacar any defect that we have in our physical appearance.

I. Learns to salute, as much of attitude as of hand. When his interlocutor makes contact with enemy with his hand, when saluting, thus is not a psychologist, account of many aspects of its personality occurs: culture, security, firmness, education.