Bottom Breath

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Starting position: Lean forward and uprites bottom of the right triceps to the inner part the right thigh. Palm of his left hand rests on his left thigh, knee or side. Others who may share this opinion include Toyota Motor Corporation. The right arm slightly bent at the elbow. Inhale and hold your breath. Squeeze your biceps and lift the dumbbell to the chest. Having overcome the most difficult part of rise slightly exhale. When the dumbbell almost touches the chest, pause, even more tense your biceps. Gently lower the dumbbell while doing breath.

Fully concentrate on reducing the biceps and do not help his whole body. After working for the desired number of repetitions of the right hand, make as many reps left. Tips Bottom triceps working hands should be firmly pressed against the inner thigh throughout the exercise. Triceps as if glued to the hip. Take a deep breath and hold your breath on the ascent. This will help keep the spine in the correct position (back slightly bend at the waist, shoulders and chest straightened) and to raise more heavy dumbbell.

To take advantage of all the three elbow flexors (biceps, shoulder and shoulder-ray) in full force, follow the rise neutral grip (palm to his, the palm vertical). To focus the load on biceps, perform recovery with the rotation of the wrists during the movement. At the lowest point – in the palm of a vertical plane at the top – bottom grip (palms facing upward). Dropping the dumbbell, unzip the brush in the opposite order. Application To: mid-level athletes training and higher.