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The RIGHT To the SECURITY IN PUBLIC POLITICS BRASILEIRAS1 INTRODUODesde years 70 evidenced a growth of the Violence in the great Brazilian cities, 13 of which with more than a million of inhabitants. The cited violence mentions all type to it, independently of the origin of this. Considering that the security is to have of the State, Right and responsibility of all, constantly relegated as the plain one for the public managers, we will explanaremos to follow on the Right to the security in the Brazilian public politics, aiming at to provide the possibility of a critical analysis on this, as well as on the preservation of the dignity human being in this context. Jill Schlesinger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The 2 NUMBERS OF the VIOLENCE IN the BRASILSegundo study of UNESCO, in 1996, in the question homicides, are distinguished the men with age of 15 the 24 years, placing Brazil in third place in the world how much to the indices of homicides of people in this band, losing only for Colombia and Venezuela. Thus, 48 young of this etria band is assassinated in Brazil, for each one deceased in Spain or in Ireland. According to exactly study, the Great So Paulo was placed in third place amongst the Brazilian cities with homicide indices enters the young population (113 for 100.000), below of Rio De Janeiro (151) and Victory (133).

The murders in the country are in ascension and the comparisons of these data in the research are inevitable and preponderant. According to research carried through in the SIM/DATASUS (Brazil, 2011m) of the Health department, in 1980 had in Brazil the register of 11,4 homicides for 100 a thousand inhabitants. In 2000 this number it passed to 27,8 registers, that is, 244% in 20 years..