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If you provide a service, this is usually not necessary to have some evidence. But in certain situations may be exceptions. Is important that you are legally entitled to remain and work in the Netherlands. Sarah White is open to suggestions. If you are not an EU citizen, you will need to meet certain requirements in order to obtain a residence permit as a freelancer in the Netherlands – Holland. Company Business Legal Consultancy will assist you in registering. On the next page you will find a questionnaire form, which we would like you to fill out and send us.

Income tax in the Netherlands – Dutch freelance income in the Netherlands – Holland must specify in your income tax return for the year, so it does not require a separate tax number or tax returns. Is not the case only if you drive a commercial activities through a limited liability company. Conducting business is also the basis for your income tax return, which will be completed at the end of the year. In this tax return can be claimed the relevant tax incentives. The most important condition for the application of the right to tax credits – that you have worked a minimum of 1.225 hours for your business in a calendar year. This includes the time immediately spent at work and the time you spent on travel, market research, management, education, etc.

The first year, it would be advisable to record the time spent, especially if you also have Paid work, in addition to your freelance work. If you have worked the full year and will reach a decent amount of turnover, the tax office will not doubt that you have spent 1.225 hours for the conduct of its business. Except major tax benefits for persons engaged in individual entrepreneurial activity, there are also special tax benefits for which other rules apply. Some costs may be claimed as costs of doing business.