Business Of Tires

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Every year the world produces about 1,4 billion tires, while processed only about 20% generated used tires. Such products are recycled as crumb rubber, reclaim, filler cord, cord metal, liquid fuels are used in various industries – from construction to manufacturing household products. Level of processing of tires in different countries is not equal. In Western Europe and the U.S. level of processing reached 80%. In Finland, this figure has crossed 100% threshold, so in this country have already begun processing accumulations formed in previous years. The total volume of the European market of refined products in tires moment can be estimated at 612.5 million dollars in Russia, on average, the volume of processing waste tires does not exceed 5 -7% of their annual education. Fig.

1. Recycling of tires: processing volumes and the resulting product According to experts at landfills Russia lie about 800 thousand tons of discarded tires. Today there are 37 processing plants used tires that are loaded only 67-80% of the declared capacity. Total number of plants required for the recycling of tires in Russia, according to experts of the company ASMARKETING is 134 (compared with 37 in existence today throughout the country, including the mega-cities). Exports of Russian regenerate carried out in 6 European countries.

In 2009, Russia produced 27 thousand tons of reclaimed rubber and rubber crumb, which accounts for 50% of 2008 levels. On the decline has affected the financial crisis. However, by 2010, this segment is observed a positive trend. As for market development of processed products used tires within the country, then its development could have a significant influence implementation of various infrastructure facilities, Specifically, construction of roads, sewage treatment plants, rehabilitation of landfills. To date, developed countries have already formed a rather large market of products of processing used tires. Only Europe and the U.S. together could produce annually more than 5 million tons of crumb rubber worth about 1.5 billion dollars a year. The corresponding figures for Russia are about 58 thousand tons and 20 million dollars in the coming years the EU will rent status of waste tire processing products, which will repeal the existing restrictions imposed on their transboundary movement. As a result, will more actively develop the international market for these products, which opens the door and in front of Russian entrepreneurs.