Ceiling Painting

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Tinting ceiling of plasterboard to be benign only after all preliminary matters. Ceiling would not be painted oil painting substance. For tinting ceilings of plasterboard most the best way to remain enamel, alkyd enamel. Waterborne or water-based dye qualitative settles on the ceiling. Know that if you think optically enlarge a new room, then you better just apply the paint dull. Today there are so many of the most ranyh tones of paint. Water based and water-dispersion paints differ from each other so that the emulsion water-based paint can rinsed. The superiority of the dispersion of water-based paints is that waterborne paint can not be washed off with water.

In addition, the latex paint can be any shade, in contrast to waterborne paint, which is often only in white. Water dispersion paints have a whole range of advantages over water-based paints. Dispersive water-based paints are durable in operation, is also as acrylic enamel. Ceilings painted with waterborne paints can be washed up to two thousand times. If you often smoke in the room, then this paint for the ceiling will be the good solution, because this dye does not change its original color and does not yellow. Outside of the paint can be placed on the ceilings of gypsum board in 2 layers. If you use the Russian waterborne paint, the paint should be applied once in 3 layers. Choose to paint particular roller.

In foreign countries for painting ceilings is now very widely used variety of finishes: these enamels often paint the apartment, car. In our country, the enamel is used in rare cases, the only reason is that the enamel is two times more expensive than water-based paints. Enamel paint is beautiful and because the enamel has a true white. In addition, the enamel dries quickly and is resistant to moisture. Everything materials produced in Europe, followed. Shelf life of enamel paint American suppliers do not set – think that such paints are durable enough. At the national colors of the expiration date indicated. But experts explain that a little "overdue" paint totally usable, most importantly – carefully sboltat paint, and then you can start painting the ceiling. We can safely conclude that the repair of houses inexpensive type of recovery is whitewashing the ceiling of ceilings. For this type of work suited all kinds of ceilings as plaster or paint the ceiling does not require secondary processing ceilings. When working with ceilings, we chose painting the ceiling and did not regret!