Central America

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It is worrisome not only for the family, but for Governments themselves to know as more and more alcohol consumption increases in youth, which is supposed is that will relieve the generation of the present which is already happening. Says a journalist in this regard, that the rise in alcohol consumption in the juvenile and school population, from very early ages, more the increase in situations of drunkenness, shows an abnormal reality that quickly has overwhelmed traditional modes of prevention and control, and that represents the gateway to other threats from dependence on psychoactive substances. Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction are three contemporary epidemics that affect in a very special way to youth, the most vulnerable segment of society in Latin American countries, the Caribbean, Central America still is exaggerated in the youth alcohol consumption, it seems that the laws in this regard not sanction this prohibition on liquor to minors. rincondelvago. com review on this sad reality, the consumption of alcohol, has been recognized as a factor of social integration and coexistence flattering.

Alcohol is a drug, which by its easy access and their powerful propaganda that receives, has become a real social problem in almost all countries and all ages from adolescence. Alcohol is the drug most widely employed by teenagers. Perhaps many people think that while they do not become typical alcoholics, the consequences of drink frequently and at high doses are not as alarming, but the ravages of alcohol can be serious and many of them irreversible. Alcoholism is a disease that is chronic, progressive and often fatal; It is a primary disorder and not a symptom of other diseases or emotional problems. You add the information in rincondelvago. com, that the causes of the alcohol consumption by young people are several: Feel good To relax and forget about stress. To escape. Because they love the taste of alcoholic beverages.