Child Custody Legal

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The allocation of custody and visitation of the potential of children and the determination of its content focuses much of its efforts on a process of separation or divorce. If you and your partner you would have chosen to carry the breakdown of your relationship by mutual agreement rather than go through the greatest difficulties and pain inherent in a dispute before the courts, should consider certain aspects that may be of great help when face the process of negotiation over the children. The preparation of a discussion about the custody of children must begin by noting that the degree of preparation necessary to conduct the discussion depends on the type of relationship that you carry with your ex-partner. When your break was very friendly and took place with the agreement and the agreement of both, will be more likely that you can reach agreements, because your good relationship you could afford to be very flexible and act in a cooperative relationship with your children. Is, in other words, the situation suitable for a shared custody regime could work. In these cases, with some planning on the basics to deal with (who will keep the children during the school year, how dividireis their leisure time and vacation, how will decisions, etc) will suffice. However, if, despite your willingness to understand (after all you have opted for a mutual separation sane) presentais a position of greater mutual distance will require you to make more emphasis to the preparation and formulate your proposals.

In such cases when it is best to have someone who can act as a mediator between them, helping them to understand the possible effects and implications of your decisions and set facing asistiendoos consensus that may be optimal for both. On what issues could be discussed and negotiated in relation to custody of children? All matters relating to the children as could be the sharing time, the dynamics will wear when making decisions on the same or even the setting for some of you of a maintenance allowance for maintenance, should be discussed at this time. Trying to be fair with the former partner and no loose ends will be the best options at this time, enabling them to develop a successful future life with your children and reducing the impact it could have the breakdown of the marriage on your relationship with them. Begona Alcaine Basin.