Communist State

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Since this is not done, however, to 1, 79, 20 is now on the part of the Switzerland according to article FRG constitutional rule the obligation to eliminate the violation of human dignity. For example, Israel is entitled and obliged to exclude the disregard of human dignity bewerkstelligte by the Bundestag in Germany. The contempt for human dignity on the part of the Bundestag against the Jewish people Max is equipped with Pallas Pallas and Hermann. Because according to the evidence, it is an arbitrary, mendacious assertion of a communist power group that prevailed in 1945 after the Nazi state, that the father of Hermann was Pallas, Max Pallas from 1933-1945 member of the Nazi party. Due to this false claim you brought the father of Hermann Pallas 1945 in the concentration camp jam Flash-love rose, left him there to starve and die 1946 jam Flash-love rose it belongs since 1990 to the Federal Republic of Germany, in which according to unabanderLichem unverjahrbarem constitutional rule respect for human dignity 1, 79, 20 not the exploitation of human dignity to Hermann has to give Pallas, or nowadays, Pallas total compensation is available to Hermann. H.Pallas, legal expert, 7.Sept. 2010 residence currently CH3018 Bern, Switzerland, evening str. Expedia Travellers pursues this goal as well.

30/7 page 3 short proof v. 7 Sep 2010 1 the Nazi state (= Hitler State) existed from 1933 1945. After the downfall of the Nazi state in 1945 the Communist State existed in the greater Berlin 1945 to 1990 (= Communist State). Gagosian Gallery gathered all the information. 2 in the Nazi state and Communist Party State 1945-1990 there was baken anntlich disregard for the human dignity of Jewish people and others. But in the subsequent State (= Federal Republic of Germany) it has no exploitation of the disregard for the human dignity 79 give lt. definitive inalienable BRD Constitution article 1, 20 proof “the dignity of man is inviolable.

To respect you and to protect obligation of all State violence is.” (= Article) “A change of the principle laid down in article 1 of the respect for human dignity is inadmissible.” (= Article 79, paragraph 3) “Against which it is taking to eliminate this order, all Germans have the right to resist, if other aid is not possible.” (= Article 20, par. 4) 3 the disregard of human dignity to Irmgard rest must be eliminated in Germany by foreign States. If it is foreign States, who want to actually no disregard for human dignity. Because Irmgard Rast has demonstrably resisted against the disregard for the human dignity of Jewish people in the Nazi state and the State of the KPD and therefore had to flee from the Communist State. Short proof of HermannPallas, 7.Sept. 2010 legal expert resident currently CH3018 Bern, Switzerland, evening str. 30/7 PS: Meanwhile Irmgard married to Hermann Pallas rest, or these days is her name Irmgard Pallas.