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Date of the transaction. Here we come to the key stage of our process – the day the deal. Of course, you, like many others are afraid of the day, and it seems you are very emotionally difficult. I also went through it and fully understand your feelings. Let me tell you about what you would expect in this day. I know that it can seem strange, but at this stage assist the realtor you are absolutely unnecessary.

And here's why. If the date of the transaction you will understand that and in what order is what pitfalls await you what documents you to sign and in what order, what they should be and what should not be there, then you absolutely calm can do without the services of a realtor and do it better and better, than with him. Why? Because Once you know which documents you are ready to sign, on what conditions are willing to accept in order to feel comfortable while still solve your housing problem. Sense of comfort in such an important day is important. Often a professional will you persuade, persuade, and insists upon its point of view. Sometimes you will try to manipulate, just to quickly finish the process, leaving a number of issues in Russian maybe. Certainly, this may cause you some level of discomfort.

If you are on a transaction without a realtor, then you count only on themselves and move into the mode that is comfortable for you. Remember – he who pays the piper calls the tune. To read more click here: Jill Schlesinger. You – buyer and absolutely safe to ask the rate of the processes, which is comfortable for you. Do not succumb to provocation and manipulation. Make this day comfortable for you. If you possess the necessary of knowledge and know the procedure itself, if you understand that, in what sequence should occur, you calmly, thoroughly and deliberately dismantled all of these moments alone. Register of transaction (if applicable). At this stage you need to get to the Companies House and submit a standard package of documents in the receive window. This step is simple in content but difficult to execute. This is due to the same problems which we discussed in the section devoted to the collection of documents for the transaction. If you are able to "get through" to the window – do it yourself. transmission facility and the completion of the transaction. All documents for this stage you should be physically prepared on the day of the transaction. If so, what part you do not need a realtor. The essence of this stage is that you need to get the documents registered at Companies House. It is usually made much easier than submit documents for registration. After that you meet with the Seller's apartment, check that it did not happen during the time of registration, and sign the Acceptance protocol apartments. Climax. To loud cheering you pass the keys to the apartment. Only after that your transaction is completed in full. That is, strictly speaking, we reviewed the main large blocks, which you have to go in solving your apartment question. As you can see, quite a large volume of questions we are able to solve on their own and thus save a significant amount of money. Why would you, I sincerely wanted.