Construction Materials

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Decoration area consists of an impressive composition of flower beds, pools, lighting, architectural ornaments. Properly chosen components form a single style, in which all "participants" look harmoniously. Designing the site begin with drainage. Even if the landscape design of a particular site does not imply artificial ponds, streams and fountains, drainage is still needed because the rainwater regularly goes to the flower beds. Drainage represents an engineered drainage system as laid in the ground pipes, canals and wells. Drainage channels are placed along the edges of garden paths and around residential buildings. In small stations are allowed instead of culverts used bricks and trays with holes. Very often in landscaping laid artificial reservoirs.

The very nature of man laid to admire and pacify the type and splash of water. Reservoir depends on the size of the site, for example, can be constructed with a cascade waterfall, a small stream, pond or fountain supply. If the plant pond plants – and get the original and elegant solution decoration. During construction and laying of artificial reservoirs are of great importance Construction Materials: coatings, mechanisms. Now on sale a lot of different materials to create reservoirs: fiberglass, PVC film, concrete, rammed clay, polyethylene, ready-made forms, Butyl rubber. Material depends on the quality of the reservoir and its longevity "seamless." The most prominent participants in design the landscape are all sorts of flower beds.

Flower beds can be placed in vertical and horizontal planes, creating an interesting composition. From the flower beds, you can create a variety of flowerbeds, alpine gardens, ridges, group planting. This should take into account the height of the plants, the biological compatibility of different plants and flowering periods. Composition of plants of different flowering period can be created, but not from the combined "hostile" plants – not to be. However, to a flower bed looked bright spots – requires a uniform background. Background often appears lawn, sometimes the embankment and primer. The lawn does not necessarily have to be one color, and used colored lawns of wild flowers. The attractiveness of an area depends on correctly matched lighting. Landscape lighting is planned at the beginning of a creative project, when the zones are marked on the map activity, benches, bridges, paths and steps. Lighting plots can be of different types: general, concealer, flood, specifically: light flower gardens, ponds, architectural ornaments and lawns. Best Landscape design seems natural, it gives the impression of naturalness, and this may include a lot of artificial ingredients, made by man: the hedges, arbours, benches and much more.