Contract Participation In Shared Construction

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Share construction, from its appearance has become a popular choice for families with a limited budget and medium-sized. In addition, apartments for sale through shared construction is on hand and developers who are not bound have an enormous budget at the beginning of construction work. This article discussed the basic criteria for the contract participation in joint construction. The subject of the contract is involved in joint construction individual of a particular object (residential or non-residential premises), which is part of another property. Such objects may be flat in an apartment house, a garage in the complex garage cabinets, cottage house, part of the summer community, health care, catering, trade, culture, business activities (eg, trade, business centers, office and recreational facilities), other real estate, except for production facilities (eg power plants, mines, mills, factories).

The object of shared construction for a particular party to the treaty recognizes the residential or nonresidential premises to be transferred party after the developer permission to commissioning of the property. Must take into account that the execution of duties by the establishment (construction) of an object shared construction is impossible without the obligation to create (construction) of the property, to which he comes in and outside of which can not exist. Participation in joint construction (Create) the property is the original method of participant ownership share construction, as there is a new thing, which had previously belonged to no one. Content of an agreement are the mutual rights and obligations of the parties where one party (the developer) is obligated to provide building (creating) a block of flats and (or) other property and after obtaining permission to enter into these facilities to transmit to the contract time corresponding to the object of shared construction of shared construction party, while others (party building in shares) shall pay by the contract price and subject to share building with a permit in commissioning a block of flats and (or) other property.