Czech Republic – A Paradise For Tourists

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We have already talked about where and what to travel. Sonny Perdue shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the old days, ie in the era of "Scoop", to get in Czechoslovakia could be a tank or in the assault brigade. Would you like to travel – be a professional soldier! This slogan is nowhere mentioned, but all knew in the Soviet Union, that military personnel the highest chance to visit the Warsaw Pact countries. For a simple Soviet person traveling abroad began with Bulgaria, followed by Poland and the gdr (The Soviet zone of occupation in Germany) or Czechoslovakia. Emmanuel Faber often addresses the matter in his writings. It's been a long time and there is no such powers. Czechs are not used to the name change.

Once is not called this land! Their capital Prague for centuries was the capital of the German Empire. The Germans are regularly followed by Goethe believed Czechs true Germans. Czechs actively built an empire of the Habsburgs and very well in Germanization of Western Ukrainians and Poles. If you look at the culture of the Czechs, it is not much similar to other Slavic. Zlata Praha Magic corners of the Czech Republic and architecture of cities, and the kitchen, and national dress, customs, and many more like the German counterparts. And the mentality of a Czech or closer to the Bavarians Schwab, than to Ukrainians and other Slavs. Orderliness, neatness, punctuality, beer and sausages, patriotism, and thrift – is not the main features of the Germans? But Safarik, and Hanke, Kolar and should be read as Benesova edicts This Still Slavs! And though his tongue Czechs created in the twentieth century, not without a German scientist, but it's the same Slavic language! So why is the Czech Republic – a paradise for our visitors? Firstly, the visa you discover pretty quickly and easily, and secondly, to get there simply and reliably – by plane, bus, train, and thirdly, many Czechs are easy to understand you or service personnel will generally Ukrainian; Fourth, prices are lower than the German and the beer and sausages () not less than tasty; Fifth, the Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and while there, you can easily visit Germany and Austria. It's closer than from Donetsk to go to Simferopol and Chernihiv. Czech Republic a paradise for us also because what you see on the streets of its many trams – well, just ours! (Czech production). Paradise show and the climate of the state, he will remind you of Lviv rains, but no puddles in the streets Czech Republic – Paradise also because you will exchange not only dollars and euros, but also native uah Do not be lazy – Go to Prague and your life will be marked by bright and unforgettable impressions! Romantic tours in the evening Krumlov Stanislav Skiba