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Desalination of the water of the sea Luis Nunez Torres parts 1-Tower. 2 Crane. 3. Water intakes. 4 Filters. 5-Valve 6.-pump 7.-piping of uptake.

8 Electric generators. 9 Inlet valves. 10 Drain pipe. 10. Drain veleta. 11 Distribution piping. 12.

Discharge pipe. 13 Boiler. 14. Pipe of distillation. 15. Cold. 16 Pipe. 17 Tanker. Functional description the tower is located a couple of kilometers from the coast. This since the sea water this distance from the beach and a greater height of the seafloor does not contain sand, or this contaminated as the water of the sea. It is called water treated pre, which is more easy to purify. The Tower has a crane, which is used for maintenance of the pick-up pipe. In the tower are holding the water intake pipe collection featuring 3 intakes, each one with a filter that prevents the entrance of foreign bodies as you weigh, algae, etc. and to some extent, filters salt from sea water that enters. He has 3 intakes so that while is to 1, the other 2 continue capturing water and maintenance do not stop the water catchment. It boasts an inlet valve that closes cases maintenance, obstructions, etc. Thanks to its diagonal position, line captures the water by gravity, but with the support of a bomb, whose main characteristics are: nominal flow: 360 m3/h; Manometric height: 42 mca; Motor power: 75 kW. Usually a pump transports water upward, but on this occasion it bombeara the water down, by multiplying the speed of water obtained by gravity into the pipe. Logically, a greater water velocity, will make that generators produce a greater amount of electricity. Electricity generation by gravity of water is the same principle used in the hydroelectric dams.