Design And Construction Of Swimming Pools

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In the first case, when the pool is made of solid fiberglass bowls, setting it on time it will take a maximum of a week, since there is no need to pour concrete, and its installation can be done even in winter. In the second case Construction will last from 2 to 6 months, but as a result of such pools can be to your liking oblitsevat beautiful mosaic tiles. Stationary pools can be built in the street and indoors. The value of construction will depend only on the area of free space allocated for construction. Pool can be placed in the house, and we can construct a special room that will be even better, as in a building the size of the pool will be very small, and in a special room can build any pool and to implement innovative design ideas. In addition, the placement of the pool at home can cause excessive moisture, so the experts recommended that the area of water surface so that it was 5 times less than the area of all adjacent buildings.

Thus, the very construction of swimming pools should be done only on very firm ground, t is, soil should not subject to any groundwater impacts, whether washouts or landslides. It is also necessary to know in advance the level of groundwater. If you intend to build outdoor pool, you should definitely consider the presence of large trees around since the constant clean water from the fallen leaves work at all unpleasant. Another thing collapsible pools that will not stand in the yard year-round. These pools can be made either from a special plastic or sheet steel.

The first type of swimming pools over tight, due to its construction, and has better thermal insulation, plus the entire plastic pools when not wet become slippery and easy to clean. Metal pools are more durable and frost their inner surface is covered with a plastic film that does not respond to ultraviolet rays. Size collapsible pool determines its functionality and flexibility. For example, small pools can be assembled independently, and even easy, if necessary, to move from place to place. But the big swimming pools, depth of 1,5 meters, must necessarily, at least partially go into the ground. The grounds of such pools lined with a concrete slab or sand bag, and make installation of such structures must should only professionals.