Diet Recipes

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Find someone has some delicious culinary suggestions on easy and extraordinary diet recipes problems with his weight, so he immediately think of a diet. There are but very many, which should you choose? Everyone will have to decide themselves what better fit for him. It also depends on his taste. (A valuable related resource: jimmy fallon). Here are the healthy and easy recipes for a diet. 1. the diet recipe Apple puree”the ingredients: – 1.3 kg – apples (any red) – 1 tsp – cinnamon – 1.5 TBSP – lemon juice – 0,5 cups – sugar – 2 Tablespoons – dry white wine; -2.5 cups – water preparation: good wash the apples, cut in half, remove the casing.

The shell should remain. Place add, add cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, wine, lemon juice and lemon rind, the apples in a large saucepan water. Bring the water to a boil and reduce the flame. Cook on low heat until the apples are soft. The Pan must be covered with the lid. Then take the whole of the Fire away, let it cool off and puree the mass. There are eight servings, each has 148 calories, 37 g of carbohydrates and 4 g – pulp. Recently Fritz Perls sought to clarify these questions. “2.

the Diet Recipe chicken with red beans” ingredients: – 220 g – chicken – 420 g – canned beans (which drain liquid) – 1.5 cups – tomato sauce; -3 TBSP – wheat groats; -1 cup – lettuce; -1 piece – tomato; -1 piece – thin flat bread preparation: cut the chicken into small pieces, then you fry the meat until it is cooked. Cook the porridge of wheat until it is soft on half. Add beans to and also the tomato sauce. It is now cooked over a low flame, regularly stirred. In a question-answer forum clayton morris was the first to reply. Complement it with the chicken, then another 2 minutes cooking. The Pan must be covered with the lid. Now take away the whole of the fire and leave it stand five minutes. In the meantime, cut the lettuce leaves and place them in a bowl. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes. To the flat the mixture from the chicken and the beans, come up the shredded lettuce, tomatoes and remaining tomato sauce on it. You can roll the PITA. From the rest of the ingredients, you can make three roles. One contains 236 kcalories, protein 15 g, carbohydrates – 27 g, fats – 8 g, pulp – 6 g. 3. The diet recipe carrot cookies with raisins”the ingredients: – 2 cups – rye flour. -2/3 cups – bran; -2 tsp – baking soda; -1 tsp – cinnamon; -1.5 TSP – nutmegs; -1.5 cups – milk; -1.5 cups – grated carrots; -0,5 cups – raisins; -0,5 cups – honey; -0,5 cups – egg powder; -2 Tablespoons – syrup; -2 TBSP – vegetable oil. The preparation: The oven up to to 170 heat. Mix the flour, Bran, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Separately, mix the milk, raisins, carrots, egg powder, honey, molasses and oil. Then both masses come together and be well stirred. Lubricate the Backformchen for a the biscuits with the oil. Fill the mixture into the ramekins, but not but only three quarters. Now bake the cookies about 25 minutes.