Earth Life

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What is studying biology. You are beginning to study the basic biology (from the Greek words "bios" – the life and "logos" – the doctrine). Biology – the science of life, of living organisms that inhabit the Earth. Living organisms on our planet is very varied. That – and the people and animals, and plants, fungi and bacteria.

Scientists there are more than 3.5 million species of living organisms. They live on land, water, air. Scope of life is a special shell of the Earth – the biosphere (from the Greek words "bios" and "sphere" – a ball). The biosphere includes the lower atmosphere, water bodies, soil, the upper layer of the lithosphere. Biosphere area of distribution of life Biology studies the structure and vitality living organisms, their diversity, the laws of historical and individual development. All living organisms are closely related to each other and with the habitat. Living organisms affect the environment, and their existence depends on conditions of this environment. Section of Biology, who studies the relationship of organisms among themselves and with their environment is called ecology (from the Greek word oikos – a house, apartment, home – and "logos").