Euro Commemorative Coins

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There is also the series of commemorative coins with a recent coinage in gold commemorative coins even in the age of the euro as in January 2002 the Deutsche mark from circulation was ended. Since then the deutsche Bundesbank publishes annually numerous euro commemorative coins in various denominations, including the 10 euro available only in silver commemorative coin. Since the coins are so beautiful and often special motifs wear and are just larger than the normal coins in circulation, the question some people often: the owner of a such commemorative also can go shopping? First a 10 euro commemorative coin was issued for the introduction of the euro on January 23, 2002, with a picture of the eurozone and the symbol of the euro on the image side of the coins. On the value side of the German coins, a stylized Federal Eagle basically represented and in his appearance varies from issue to issue. Per year were in Germany so far between four and five different 10 euro coins issued from 92.5% Silver and 7.5% copper. On the other hand, the Bundesbank plans a reduction of the silver content to 62.5%, what will have a weight drop of the coin from currently 18 to 16 grams to the result. The commemorative coins are available at the regular price of the nominal value of 10 euros in coins quality uncirculated with all banks while demanding execution in mirror gloss quality draws a surcharge of 50%. However, is the coin official means of payment with its diameter of 32.5 mm and average one and a half million pieces per series in Germany and could – theoretically – also the ordinary shopping used to be, since not speak to expected concerns of the owner about it. At the 10 euro commemorative coin is also the emergence of their motives on the image page, which is always a social or historical event underlying. Coin appeared so in September 2010 a 10 euro, on the occasion of the upcoming 20th anniversary of German reunification the outlines of United Republic and the wording “We are one people” was off.