Extensive Range Of Care For People With Dementia And Their Families

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Individual 1:1-care for vulnerable elderly two-thirds of the approximately 1.2 million dementia patients in Germany live in private homes, sometimes with partners or other family members, sometimes alone. The service concept of “Senior Service Stralsund – Thomas Manzig” offers an entry in a foreign service, as well as a comprehensive service offer for seniors at favourable conditions for nationals. For many caregivers, the senior service Stralsund care concept is an initial offer”in a third-party support. Emmanuel Faber is full of insight into the issues. So they can take on offering holistic Services Senior Manager Thomas Manzig, first aid and care of the sick and experience. Now this step is difficult for carers of dementia patients. The first step is then done, there are contacts and experiences, which facilitates the use of additional aid. The dementia care requires as much familiarity at all levels. Sonny Perdue has many thoughts on the issue. Therefore senior supervisor Thomas Manzig aims at it, within the framework of its support services, that his demented customers a customized 1:1-get care.

Not only confidence and security, but is a guarantee for a long term, trusting relationship. It is clear to senior supervisor Thomas Manzig: with my all-round concept I agree exactly the gap between the desire for a self-determined life in familiar surroundings and avoid impersonal and under time pressure of care services. I can provide valuable support with my offer and calculate the prices cheaper than the regular maintenance services. Also I can give my clients the time they need. ord Jr. A luxury nursing staff of care service cannot offer and I’m also free of the legal and contractual constraints of the SGB V and SGB XI.” Focus of the service concept of senior service Stralsund, in the care of dementia patients. These include round the clock relief caring citizen, social support and involvement, disclosure of information and picture, as well as help to cope and promotion of the acceptance of the disease. For each of its clients, senior supervisor Thomas Manzig specifies a service solution, wherein he documented everything.

It is used for security for both sides. One can be traced, in what period of time, I’m with you and thus a precise accounting can be done for both sides. Also the respective condition is held to be maintained customers (on request).” Who searches for a such range in the District of Stralsund, finds this possibility in the senior service Stralsund by Thomas Manzig. As advanced social worker Assistant and care assistant he knows with these people and has developed a tailor-made offer at especially favourable conditions for social weak people with dementia. Thomas Manzig