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In Italy, hotels in accordance with local laws and orders also have the right to arrogate to itself any number of 'stars'. However, for each of them shall be charged tax, so the owners of small hotels officially register their enterprise as a two-and three-star and advertised as a four-star and above. Hotels in Germany also have the right to arrogate to itself any category. But in a country there are professional associations, whose authority is very high – hotel guild who conduct inspections of hotels, and in case of a discrepancy level of service standards adopted by the union regarding a given amount of "stars" are officially announce violations. Therefore, hotel owners in Germany did not seek to inflate their ratings.

The most stringent rules apply in France and Spain. Number of stars hotels and hotels in these countries is regulated and controlled by special state bodies. In case of discrepancies hotels declared level, it may lower the rating, or even close. Swiss hotels are classified according to criteria of 'star', developed by the Swiss hotel Society (SSH). This is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the global hospitality industry. The owners of the prestigious hotels of international class, working in different countries around the world, often invite experts from Switzerland, so that they confirmed their 'stardom' in the system SSH. It is not surprising that such national differences in the ways of assigning the hotels and star hotels are often confusing consumers. World Tourism Organization (WTO) a few years ago tried to introduce a universal system of classifying hotels, was designed by a set of rules for determining the 'star' hotels.

However, these standards have not yet become binding in all regions. In Russia has a five-star system, but confirm his class domestic hotel may different ways. The bulk of the hotel mid-and low-level continues to be 'stars', issued many years ago State standards. Luxury hotels booking service classification in Switzerland or BTO, as is sometimes requested to confirm the 'stardom' to their western counterparts. The right to assign star hotels in Russia belongs to the Federal Tourism Agency of Russia (Rosturizm). Classification of hotels and other accommodation in three stages: first stage – expert assessment of conformity of hotels and other accommodation category, the second stage – the certification of hotels and other accommodation, the third stage – the expert control of classified hotels and other accommodation facilities. In the capital of the Urals – Ekaterinburg – there are about 34 hotels and hotels, but not all hotels in Yekaterinburg were the classification procedure and received a certificate confirming their category. Such certified hotels in Yekaterinburg 17. Most of them, or rather 10, have category of "three stars". "One Star" is assigned to one Yekaterinburg hotel. Also, one hotel in Yekaterinburg has a five-star ". Two of the hotel confirmed the category of "two stars, three hotels were" four stars.