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It would seem – it's simple. One room – parents, the second – to the child. But, where just in words – not just in practice. In fact: my father's office needs to work, and my mother wants to somewhere to receive guests. And even most likely, all reduced to the kitchen: and eating, and the pope with a notebook and a meeting with friends (even if the kitchen 5.5 square meters). But in our hands is a wonderful tool, as a modular furniture! And in the bedroom there will be 1-2 combined cabinet, bed, 1-2, bedside tables, dresser, desk (computer) table with extension (or not), maybe even a rack for storage of relevant literature and documentation, or stand for office equipment (Here, that will allow the area and dimensions of items favored by the modular system). And, mind you, all – in the same style, same color and with the same accessories. A child can be in this case, allocate a large room combining it in child and living room.

In addressing this issue will help us combined cupboards, cabinets RTV, dressers, display cases, which can place in itself, as the dishes, and books written (computer) desk original shelving systems, shelving and cabinets. Will only need to not be lazy and how to 'take your measurements' with these rooms, as well as the need to take into account all the dimensions arranged the furniture. Also, using modular Furniture can be successfully beat a vague on purpose, but sometimes very good for the area the room, as the hall. For example, two windows and is located between them, a chest of drawers will provide a good prelude to the living room. Or few windows, perhaps even combined with the shelving, the library will solve the problem in the house. Kitchen seemingly no place to put the other furniture, except as directly kitchen.

But even here, picking up on color and style to the basic furniture, chest of drawers can accommodate bar or buffet with drawers showcase-extension or storage rack in the preservation of beautiful jars. What can I say! .. Cause a variety of examples is endless, as Using the experience of fantasy buyers, and your own. What is more important! It is important to draw your attention to what opportunities will open before you when you discover this wonderful world of modular furniture!