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Raise awareness of the digital you””I in the network”will contribute to awareness to sharpen their own online identity. Interaction on the Web the own online I is characterized by inevitably in doubt for a half eternity and for each traceable. Everyone should make sure and that is sometimes easier said than done. Each network has its features, each chat his own language, each platform the rules of their game. Who wants to learn, sometimes at random travels through the entire online sphere. Here comes in the game. We are looking for and search, we evaluate and question and we inform you what is the network: technical, substantive and legal aspects of self-representation on the Internet.

I Web publishers by DasTelefonbuch behind. You move and produce numerous other media such as journals, magazines, Web portals, radio – and TV formats in addition to DasTelefonbuch. The promotion of media literacy them is a major concern. The publishers do this for several years through various activities for children, teenagers and young adults. Complemented me on the net” This commitment to a further and very topical issue. About DasTelefonbuch DasTelefonbuch, a medium, a brand that is represented in almost all German households is published jointly by 38 publishers and DeTeMedien GmbH.

Since the first edition in 1881, DasTelefonbuch has changed long ago to a comprehensive multi-access platform. At any time and from any location can be accessed on over 30 million binding address for free: whether on the Internet under, travelling via iPhone application, Vodafone widget or WAP service at, via SMS information 30 30 3 or almost classic as language information, printed or CD-ROM. In addition, the best-known directory Germany offers many more tools, finding active, benefits and further processing of addresses and all, to remain easy to contact. Your contact to the phone book service Gesellschaft mbH Silke grabbing Mills n.