Gifts From Croatia

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Going to the next trip, you will surely ask yourself the question: "What can you bring as a gift to friends, family and friends?" Agree, I want to present something original, may be unusual, but always related to the history, culture and traditions of the country. On what gifts to represent Croatia, we will certainly talk with you further. Remember children's poem by Marina Boroditsky? Shells as spoons, shells as bowls, Shellfish-palms, shells, cakes, and delicate as the petals, and thick, like shards … So it's probably about Croatia! And if you relax by the sea, feel free to gather a variety of shells! They will be happy to your family, especially children who will consider them and stick on anywhere, and the ladies, keen crafts that will make them of the most beautiful bracelets and indoor track! Yes, and you will be pleased to put your ear to the seashell and remember the past journey. By the way, enthusiastic crafts and ethnic-style woman can bring not only the shells. In Croatia, you will find almost everywhere, with original articles and amazing embroidery in the national colors. So buy a gift embroidered red and white tablecloths and linen towels.

In Konavle villages you will find products, embroidered with silk threads. So your items can be a unique piece of your interior, especially since Embroidery is recognized and appreciated not only in Europe but around the world. And in Paga from local craftswomen to buy "white gold" – very beautiful jewelry handmade lace pazhskim! If your friends and friends – fans of small souvenirs, and shelves laden with useless and beautiful thing, Bring them special Croatian souvenirs. For example, you can purchase a copy of vuchedolskoy doves. Vuchedolskaya dove – is ceramic cult vessel with three legs in the shape of a bird that was found by archaeologists in 1938 at Vuedol, near Vukovar.