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As in the previous statement, after the link: there should be spaces. related: The third operator of the list. Using this operator, you can view a list of web pages that are similar to the pages specified in the request. That is, the request form related:, show the page like home page Google. This statement is also available on search results page, "Similar pages", or in advanced search. Spaces after related: the same should not be. info: The last statement of this series. Provides some information that Google has about a given page.

For example, the query info: will show information on the main page of Google. As in all other cases, after the operator info: there should be spaces. Information needs. This section has only two operators: define: This query lists definition of the word that you enter after it, gathered from various online sources. Definition will be for the entire phrase as a whole (that is, taking into account all the words in the order in which you have them). Example: define: promotion displays the definition of the word from various sources.

stocks: This statement is only interesting for people to exchange relevant information. For example: stocks: intc yhoo – shows information on shares of Intel and Yahoo. It should be noted that no need to enter the name of the company, you must enter symbols. And finally, recent statements from the list that are already more interesting for web developers, and that may help in promoting your blog. Requests modifiers.