Great Patriotic

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" About 60 thousand of the sons and daughters of small Kabardino-Balkaria became warriors. Seven sons carried on the front Kabardian Lostan Gusov, six – Balkar Zhandarov Bachiev. Click Digital Cameras for additional related pages. Of the six sons of Ali Zhanataeva four gave their lives for the victory. Pshibievy carried out on the front of 28 people, 14 of them died in battles with the Nazis. And there were many families throughout the Caucasus! In the family Georgian farmer Abesadze of 17 brothers went to the front 14, left home just kids. Went to the front of the seven Karagezovyh Yerevan.

When the Germans came to Vladikavkaz, in the ranks of the defenders of the city rose even hundred Tasoltan Markets and the 80-year-old Nicholas Batna. In early August, from the Caucasus to the aid of the retreating armies arrived about 15 divisions, including four of the Azerbaijani, Georgian and four 3 Armenian. Kleist's Panzer Army, strove to Grozny, the Baksan-Ter turn ran into powerful resistance to Soviet divisions. Small Nalchik has proved a powerful obstacle to the German Panzer divisions. 70 days, they could not cross the river and capture the town of Baksan. Equally bravely repulsed enemy attacks on Soviet troops near Novorossiysk and over mountain passes. The whole year the Germans tried to seize a shed on the outskirts of Novorossiysk, which was defended by Lieutenant N. Tursunbekova garrison.

189 attacks recaptured the characters, but did not retreat! Artillery Battalion Captain Aslanuka Sohrokova of 408 th Infantry Division, left without infantry support, 16 days before the last shell, held the pass at Tuapse, killing several hundred Nazis. The captain managed to keep Sohrokov all instruments and personnel division. For a whole week under Ordzhonikidze, surrounded by gates kept the bunker number 12 out of 26 Border Regiment, which was George Mikheev Pavel Kupriyanov, Fedor Altunin and Ivan Velichko. When units of the 26th Regiment repulsed the Germans from the bunker, they saw before them 42 dead fascist. Such feats as a sapper feat 151st Division Mesrop Gazaryan, the cost of his life blew up railway bridge across the Terek River, blocking thereby the way the Germans in his native Baku, you can call hundreds of them. 440 days was a battle for the Caucasus, during which Soviet troops and the guerrillas killed about 400 thousand soldiers and officers of the enemy, 1,500 tanks, about 10,000 guns and more than 2,000 aircraft. Soviet forces lost 355,000 killed soldiers and officers. Number of participants in the battles and losses in the battle for the Caucasus on both sides is comparable to the amount of losses in other battles of the Great Patriotic. Medal "For defense of Moscow" were awarded 120 000 people, "For the defense of Stalingrad" – 760 thousand, and "For the Defense of the Caucasus" – 870 000. But these comparisons do not give the right to call the battle for the Caucasus outstanding, and its strategic importance. Taking Nazis Caucasus would lead to loss of the Black Sea fleet, fuel sources and have pushed for a long time our victory, millions of people would increase our casualties. For outstanding achievements in the fight against the invaders of Novorossiysk the title of "Hero City" and Malgobek Vladikavkaz and awarded the title "City of Military Glory." Given the contribution of Kabardino-Balkaria in the victory over the enemy and that Nalchik in 70 days delayed the advancing enemy to Baku, thus enabling our command to prepare forces to defeat him, Nalchik deserves the title "City of Military Glory." Historical justice must be restored!