Henry Mintzberg

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The idea is to emphasize that the companies must make of the Strategical Planning its distinguishing greater in the competitive market and that the customers do not have to be seen as simple purchasers of products, but as lifting of a business, people special who, if taken care of well, will be handspikes so that the company if keeps and grows in the market, independent of the competition and the branch of business where she acts. It is basic to approach the concepts and the relevance of the Strategy and the Strategical Planning in this article, therefore it is known that no organization grows without planning, and this starts when the structural bases that esteiam the business strategically are studied and analyzed. Thus, the importance and the concepts, from the vision of authors as Henry Mintzberg, Igor Ansoff, Porter, Wright Kroll and Pamell, Drucker, beyond of Chan Kim and the French teacher Rene Mauborne, is the references of support for this moment for extending the agreement on the subject. Consideraes on Social Responsibility is presented, therefore they intencionam to bring to tona the quarrel on the use of resources of the organization to help to solve problems and accomplishment of goals social, since all company could have this commitment stops with the society, therefore if it assumes that these organizacionais goals do not have mere to be economic, but also social. One searched then to identify through examples two companies whose behaviors are inserted in this context: the American 3M and Calados Azalea is boarded for being organizations that believe that the social responsibility consists of projected activities to improve the society and not only to take care of to the economic interests and technician of the organization. Finally, some consideraes on Strategy of Differentiation, focada in the importance are made of Communication, therefore the organizations need to convince the market the one that if destine of the differential of its products and/or its activities, strengthening that an excellent attendance and a system of narrow relationship with the customers are primordial conditions to support the differentiation throughout the time.