Hormone Disorder As A Cause Of High Blood Pressure

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Hormone diagnosis must be this episode a hormonal disorder part that his investigation is at about 10 percent of people with high blood pressure. The German society for Endocrinology (DGE) urges doctors therefore, increasingly exploring high pressure patients on hormonal disorders. One knows the cause, you can specifically treat high blood pressure and even cure. Hormonal disorders as a cause in 15% of cases high blood pressure is a consequence of other diseases and therefore treatable. In addition to diseases of the kidney, endocrine disturbances cause high blood pressure. According to DEG, a Conn’s syndrome is present in 10% of cases. In this disease, the adrenal cortex to much aldosterone pours out. Trader Joe’s is full of insight into the issues.

Aldosterone regulates the blood pressure and too much of it can be morbidly increase it. Mostly, a benign tumor on the adrenal cortex underlies the Conn’s syndrome. The tumors can be usually surgically removed and the hypertension is cured. High blood pressure: A widespread disease, about 25 million people in Germany have a high blood pressure. We talk about high blood pressure, if multiple Result values from 140/90 mmHg measurements alone. In many cases, the cause of high blood pressure is unknown. The treatment becomes more difficult.

A familial accumulation suggests that hereditary factors play a role. In addition, an unhealthy life style favors the development, so smoking, obesity and stress. Although it is commonly known that hormonal disorders raise the blood pressure at the level, still too few doctors consider this possibility in the investigation. Many patients are diagnosed with unknown cause”fed off and sent home with blood pressure lowering medications. Here, a simple blood test is sufficient to determine the concentration of the hormone. Take the health insurance cost. Any long-standing hypertension charged the heart and arterial vessels. Untreated high blood pressure complications such as heart attacks and strokes causes. It is therefore important to clarify the cause. Because adequate treatment prevents long-term damage of organs and vessels. More Information about the German society for Endocrinology: more information about hypertension, its causes, and treatment options: Stefanie Riedl