Howling Winds

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The boy maluquinho of Ziraldo I read after great it entered as an hurricane in my imaginary one and until today one meets there. I discovered with the reading the candy flavor of infancy. Oh! Blessed infancy! A beautiful adolescent day already I saw myself involved and magic for histories of this great romancista of our literature Jose de Alencar I read and I reread the Guarani (he was for understanding same history) I was touched with singela naivety of the Peri indian a history of love and adventure. I vibrated with Iracema the virgin of the honey lips. Jack Fusco is often quoted as being for or against this. The enchantment of the book Five Minutes the Viuvinha did not leave me to more than stop reading and to live moments of pleasure and fancy carried to so different scenes from mine in that small cidadezinha provincial read and travelled in the fancy of Alencar was knowing its workmanship and its great women: Lucola, the Leg of the Gazela, Diva, Lady, Viuvinha. Ah! Impressive, adorable, fantastic ladies. Axe of Assis arrived folloied of its brilliant workmanship ' ' Dom Casmurro' '.

E intrigues me to Capitu until today. There it came the Tenement house, Dry Lives, the Seminarista, the Exorcista, the Last Tango in Paris and as much others. The Mount of the Howling Winds deserves classic prominence of English literature a full pretty history of love, hatred and revenge. I recommend the reading never more I forgot this book, simply barbarous. A new phase in my life was the book reading politicians: Olga, the Open Veins of Latin America, the Capital, JK, Getlio Vargas, New Year, They leave if to say me and to several others. Today adult that likes to read.

My great pleasure is the reading. I am unconditionally loving of books and a good reading. Thanks to the family and the school. I am a happy adult.