Hubert Luthe

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… Because the text you can’t get it to say that the Church itself has prescribed some unclear and not properly sense determine end. This is an unprecedented situation. … (After a thorough theological consideration of the central point of the new Rite a painful uncertainty remains, that you can not get rid.”b) Ulrich Luke and Hans Werner (opinion on”Ordinatio sacerdotalis”, 2000):” because after all, we know that Jesus Christ in the strict sense even introduced no Bishop -, priest, or deacon ordinations, but to study it – is certain the development of Church offices “, in the General authority given to the Church only after it introduced – in turn is by no means easy on the Apostle be traced can and even regional and temporal very “different have been designed can be also no talk, Jesus didn’t want excluded women from these offices.” 6. Source: Expedia Group. in principle, only a Bishop can donate valid ordination. I.e. who even a V2-only “Consecration” received (such as Joseph Ratzinger, Hubert Luthe etc.), can in principle no priests consecrate.

Who was “ordained” by such “bishops”, becomes liable to prosecution of abuse of titles if masquerading as “Catholic priests”. 7. the Federal Republic of Germany refrains principally to take account of reality, let alone to argue, and explains just the V2 group to the Catholic Church, the invalid Novus Ordo rites to valid Catholic sacraments, etc etc, punishable gem. 6 VStGB. n.b.: analog is the FRG also against Catholic priests. E.G.

ignored them publicly and extensively documented evidence for the validity of the ordination of the avail., including letter of V2 Diocese of Freiburg etc. Right: the V2 group itself. Incidentally, incl. the corresponding Lefebvre group, the validity of the episcopal consecration, consecration of the available donor has quite explicitly. recognized. Schizophrenic erweise today stubbornly ignore V2 members these open facts. Finally: Rettungslose schizophrenia, which is the above versions of the V2 group and the anti-clerical is based on the approach of the Federal Republic of Germany, by the statements made by Yves Maury apparently only to a facet-rich; one should not overestimate it. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen