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The ‘Hercules’ applies to connoisseurs Hugo von Eyck today as one of the ‘bestseller of the year 2012’ in the category of watches. Dusseldorf March 2012. In time to the beginning of the spring present the new clock model of Hercules”the watch designer from the House of Hugo von Eyck. The Hercules”applies to Hugo von Eyck connoisseurs even today as one of the bestsellers of the year 2012″ in the category of watches. But what makes the Hercules”so special? “The Hugo von Eyck watch of Hercules” is a high-quality men’s watch with quartz movement and impressed by their sparkling appearance. A hundred Swarovskikristalle in various shapes adorn the bezel, the dial, and the Crown of this extravagant men’s watch. Financial planner is full of insight into the issues. Both bracelet and the housing are available from finest stainless steel and silver, gold and Rose gold.

Decisive for the naming of this beautiful Hugo von Eyck quartz clock was the star image of Hercules”. So, the model of Hercules’ is a quartz watch. But what does this mean actually, and why the manufacturer of Hugo von Eyck opted for a quartz watch work? Generally, it is to say that a quartz watch is more accurate than a mechanical clock. It has only few seconds deviation in the month. The clock of a quartz watch is a quartz crystal in a metal housing, and not the balance or a pendulum as in mechanical watches. This is excited by AC voltage to swing.

The quartz piece vibrates like a tuning fork with a fixed frequency and can be used as a clock for the watch. A normal clock crystal vibrates 32,768 times per second, by the way. Mineral quartz has a very special feature: you put a voltage on a mineral crystal, as it deforms. No more voltage, the quartz jumps back to its original form. The Quartz is so excited by an AC voltage at a certain frequency to very strong vibrations, and because this resonance frequency is very uniform, it is a highly accurate clock. The Hugo by Eyck watch designer know the advantage of mineral quartz of course very well and him of course right at the beginning of a new watch design with consider. Want to learn even more watches and your features via Hugo von Eyck? Then visit the Web site, the Uhrenblog or the official Facebook page of pages/Hugo by Eyck/154139391311649