Increase Virtual Memory

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Virtual memory or paging file is a file that windows executes when the RAM is this ending and the paging file begins to simulate, acting as if it were ram memory. This paging or virtual memory file always comes by default in drive C, and your various capacity. You can create a single paging file for each partition of the hard drive with a maximum of 4069 mb. These are the steps to increase the virtual memory: 1. head to my computer. 2. Right Click on an empty 3 space. You click on properties 4.

Click on advanced options 5. In the performance part you click on settings. 6. You click on the tab advanced 7. Where it says virtual memory, click change. 8 Choose the partition where you want to create or modify the paging file, and below choose the initial size and the maximum paging file size, recalls that the amount that choosing is as if it were a rchivo hard disk, i.e. you must make sure that if you have enough hard disk space to create the paging file. If you modify the paging file and this exceeds the free space on the disk, your computer can run the risk of restarting your computer hard drive overheating and sequeme, leaving to run forever. Also you should remember that the paging file must not exceed the 4096 mb in size maximum.