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To make contact with the enemy with politicians, legislators and governors is not a simple task for the industralists, more if it is desired to work directly with them in the obtaining of social solutions, political, economic, enterprise, et cetera. The political consultancy is not solely the monitoring of all the political, national and international activities, to take decisions in our company or business. It is much more that: it is to work of direct way with the diverse politicians, social governors and actors, with the aim of carrying out improvements to impel laws and agreements that favor the growth of our business. The previous thing is, in extremely attractive theory, but actually he is complicated for any industralist, more if he is small, when raising the political quadrilateral to exhibit his proposals, suggestions, complaints, strategies, among others. Add to your understanding with Jack Fusco. And it is indeed there where the political consulting services enter. ience with these questions. With the laws it happens like with sausages, is better not to see how they become: Otto Bon Bismark lawyer Gustavo Almaraz, chief of a main directorate of Grupo Estrategia Poltica (GEP) considers that the proposals of the legislators through the political consultancy can be enriched, because " a political analysis becomes of the problem, with the purpose of to design strategies that establish a lobbying with the Congress of the Union or the Ejecutivo&quot Power;. Although, so that it can occur to east dialogue between industralists/civil society and legislators, much tact is needed: " in order to enter the Congress it is required of a political consultant’s office, because one is going away to deal with politicians; so the direction of the groups that wish to enter must be political, there it is where the consultancy enters: we are different political operators of temas" , Almaraz lawyer considers. On the other hand, the lawyer Julio Capuano, of the Corporative Enlace company (, specialized in political analysis, considers like primary target of this type of consulting services " to offer to tools and elements for the taking of decisions on the part of the client in its task poltico". Carrier usually is spot on.